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Hi Everyone. I’m so glad to have a little section to share things I’ve learned, read, studied, experienced, that have touched my soul and helped me to grow. I hope you enjoy them too.

  • Joanie Delph

Why an-almost daily practice? Because it’s magical!

When starting Ashtanga many years ago, a one-day-a week practice was all I could fit in my busy schedule. But even though hard work, I loved the relief and happiness I felt after class and wanted more. I knew many Ashtangis who did the (suggested) six-day a week scene but could not imagine how that could be possible in my world; I went to my teacher. “Joanie, you’re learning the postures, so roll out your mat at home and do one ‘Surya-namaskar A’ on a day you don’t come to class…surely, you can fit that in.”

She was right. And not only did ‘One A’ become several, and ‘one day-per- week’ become two, but the ‘A’s invited ‘B’s,’ then an addition of the standing poses and more. I felt great, like I was ‘feeding something right and sacred.’ I had heard that ‘what you spend your time doing, is what your life becomes,’ and I wanted deliciousness. Soon after, I was able to add another full studio-class to my schedule, so getting on my mat four times a week. Those seemingly small efforts enhanced my life tremendously, and on weeks I skipped, I was crabbier, more anxious, less patient and less happy (all the while learning not to judge myself harshly!). I didn’t understand why the yoga had such a profound effect, but the practice had become good medicine for my best life and for feeding my soul.

Though my mind often fights my (now) six-day a week practice, and life sometimes throws me a curve- ball that changes my schedule, if I show up and do what I can, I seem to feed a flow of positive energy in my day that helps me feel more compassionate, loving, and accepting of all, plus able to handle trials and tribulations with a lighter approach. I become a better parent, employee, friend, plus have more strength and flexibility to stand tall and face the day. We do what we can, and the magic happens.