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The Reality of Self-Care

As life continues full-steam ahead, we are continuously reminded to invite self-care, but how? Sometimes seven hours of sleep can seem rare, and yet we’re supposed to find time for a long bath? An hour of reading? Cooking a delicious healthy meal? Then leisurely eating it? Fitting in a yoga practice? Ten to twenty minutes of meditation? A walk with a friend? Who has time?!

We must make time…at least a little, for what feeds our soul.

Over a decade ago I ‘hit a wall ‘with the busy-ness I had grown used to, and realized that if I kept that pace I would not be well….I was basically unhappy; I barely had time to breath; had a stressful job; had many expectations from others; had much pressure every day. The pain of how I was living became greater than the fear of ‘trying something new.’ With much effort and some resistance, I started making small changes…dropping things that could wait…the dishes; the laundry; some deep cleaning; internet searching; and started using that time to implement some of my heart’s desires and spiritual practices. It wasn’t easy…my mind worked overtime guilt-tripping me with, “how can you just sit here and read when the kitchen needs cleaned?” and my response; “Shhhhh…not now..” rebutted as I continued my book. Carving out a half-hour every few days gave me choices to do loving acts for myself…take ‘me’ time, and slowly I was able to fit more in that I had ever imagined. And eventually, bigger changes occurred (just) from taking loving actions for myself. Plus, things got done around the house… not every day,

but enough. Eventually, my guilty feelings lessoned and my happiness rose and I found myself implementing self-care in all areas of my life.

Am I less busy? Not really…just more present with what I do, having work that I love, and taking bits of time to sit on my porch and watch the squirrels or notice the sunset for a whole five minutes. I even enjoy raking the leaves slowly, mindfully. The things I fill my day with aren’t as draining but instead, nourishing. We’re worth it!

Rishikesh, India

Yellow Springs, Ohio

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