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Feeding the right wolf

Remembering my early days, eating was about tantalizing my taste buds

and stuffing myself more than was comfortable. However, Mom or Dad

were often in the kitchen ‘cooking something’ (real food). Neighborhood

grocery stores sold local produce, eggs, and dairy, and crop sprays were

not as common as now.

In today’s world of busy-ness, much food preparation and care have been

pushed to the wayside (lost) and ‘prepared foods’ with unhealthy sourcing

have taken over as the new norm in the name of convenience. But these

habits are most likely contributing to illness and disease, not to mention

unhappiness. As Michael Pollan says, “Get off the internet and back into

the kitchen!” I couldn’t agree more.

From studies of Ayurveda plus my own experience, I have found a true

‘soul connection’ in sourcing of food (chem-free and local when possible),

caring for food, then preparation and how I eat. My approach to mealtime

can be that of stuffing myself gluttonously and creating toxicity (Ama) in my

body then feeling like crap, or eating a fair amount of healthy, fresh, well-

grown delectables that I or a friend have cooked with care, creating an

actual white, sublime substance (Ojas) for not only the body but also the

mind and the spirit to be nurtured with. Deepak Chopra states that properly

eaten/digested food can keep our minds clear, happy and at peace,

potentially creating bliss, and I believe it!

Instead of treating our bodies like trash cans, dumping anything inside that

our tongue and our minds beg for, we can make loving choices to try

delicious ‘soul food,’ that nourishes ‘the right wolf,’ maybe starting small

and building. I’m guessing we could all use a little more bliss in our lives

and the time and effort are worth it!

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