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About me

"Practice today so you can practice tomorrow."

In younger years I often dabbled in yoga, meditation and spiritual studies, finally giving myself to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga nearly twenty years ago: I’ve never looked back.

First starting this practice, I had to sit on two blocks and lean against a wall just to sit cross-legged; my body was so tight and crooked that I couldn’t do many postures I saw others do. My teacher encouraged me to plug along with whatever was possible, using many modifications that aided my attempts. What I noticed quickly was an inner happiness that I hadn’t expected, plus pain-relief my body had endured for years, not to mention strength improvement…. and all that for just showing up.

After many years of practice then many years of teaching, my life has been enriched beyond belief…physically, mentally, and spiritually. Studying with others on this path has enabled profound experiences and changes. To assist others in learning and to watch their best lives unfold is a gift beyond measure. Regardless of age, presumed (or real) limitations, fears, or physical conditions, this ‘yoga therapy’ can be approached and I am happy and honored to help in any way I can.

Please contact me with any questions or interest. Thanks.

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