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Thank you...

Thank you to all who joined the fall workshop, it was wonderful to have you in class and share the power of Ayurveda with you.

New classes are in the works for 2020

Much Love,


Ayurvedic Workshops


Fall 2019 Intro to Ayurveda Series

Thursdays, October 3rd, 10th, and 17th


Cost: $45

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(Single sessions $15. though entire course recommended)

Ayurveda’s belief that ‘most disease and mental imbalances start with poor digestion’ is now being utilized more and more as illness and poor mental health is on the rise. However, ‘Western approach’ to healing often treats the symptoms of a problem, but doesn’t eliminate the root issue. Our body’s ability to heal is miraculous…it wants to be healthy and thrive, if only we give it a little’s how:

In three sessions, I will present Ayurveda concepts from this simple and effective healing system used for thousands of years, providing clear concepts and tangible ways to approach Ayurveda’s teachings to improve health and well-being. As Ayurveda believes the disease process starts with poor digestion, we will delve into how poor digestion occurs, what it does to the body, and how to change those patterns. We will also touch upon the importance of balance in the doshas (personal constitutions) and look at some accessible, effective Ayurveda cleanses.

Session 1 - will introduce Ayurveda’s concepts on how disease and mental illness ‘get fed,’ and learn common terms used in Ayurveda practices. We will cover ‘personal constitution’ (dosha) traits, which can disrupt the digestion of food, feelings, sleep patterns and life happenings and learn ways to bring balance to those areas

Session 2 - will offer detailed eating habits that potentially create harmony in the body, rather than feed disease. Ayurveda believes that many problems with health, mood, energy and sleep can be eliminated through proper eating habits. This powerful information, when implemented, can move us toward radiant health and lesson or reverse current problems.

Session 3- will look at a suggested morning routine, plus several accessible cleanses commonly used to re-set our digestion patterns and expel toxins.

The use of these guidelines have reversed illness and potential surgery in my own body, and restored my health to a place of stability thus adding to my overall contentment. I am honored to share this information so graciously given to me over the years, as a beginning to living our best lives. Please feel free to contact me w/any questions at or message me on Facebook.

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Studies: My initial love of Ayurveda began with Hari Sharma in 2005, 

Dr. Alaknanda Puri, course-study (Haridwar, India. 2008) 

Dr. Anil Kumar, (Mysore, India. 2010), 

Dr.Shavastri, (Haridwar, India. 2012), 

Anjaneya Ayurveda Center, in-depth treatment. (Kerala, India. 2017, 2019). 

I continue research and ongoing practices in the U.S.

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