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Resolutions? Bah-Humbug!

January often felt like the time to ‘start over.’ A new year, a new promise,

somehow believing that the date, January 1, had magical powers to help me

achieve most difficult goals. So I ‘resolved’ to do better at many things! Like

meditating more; better time-management; less sugar consumption; taking more

walks; staying organized; clearing and cleaning…you name it, I ‘promised myself’ I

was going to instill new habits, and I did….for about three weeks until life took

over and my heartfelt resolutions fell to the wayside. All in all that didn’t seem

too harmful, but the inevitable voices in my head were cruel and punishing! The

way I berated myself as a failure with no ‘sticktoitiveness’ or discipline became

very harmful. After decades of this ‘tradition,’ I finally stopped.

With help from mentors, I learned a better way to move forward with hopeful

goals by just trying something realistic for a day, an hour, once a month. Like

adding a ten-minute meditation after my yoga practice for just one day a week.

Maybe clearing a few empty boxes from my basement one hour here and there.

Eating a spoon of honey when I really wanted a cookie, just today. And on days I

didn’t do what I hoped for, to lovingly allow my humanness without harsh


Switching to a small daily effort without pressure and inner condemnation, I have

actually implemented new habits and achieved goals I never got close to in the

past, slowly, slowly. And best of all, I am a loving friend to myself instead of my

worst enemy. I’ll take that!

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