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We gotta slow down, America. We’re worth it!

When a fellow-yogi placed this Ayurveda book in my hand, "Freedom in Your Relationship with Food", I could sense the power in its pages. Moving through the Introduction, I was hooked by the first paragraph:

I invite you to embark on a journey into the truth of your personal relationship with food and


…It is time to take stock of your beliefs and behaviors concerning this essential

aspect of human experience. Wake up from mainstream habits and unconscious attitudes. A

“magic pill” that removes the need to make responsible choices, does not exist. This book is a guide to raising your consciousness toward food and eating using Ayurvedic principles. Yoga practitioners of all levels will find it particularly inviting.

And further:

When eating and self-care become habitual and unconscious, the result is feelings of emptiness and disconnection. This approach to living may seem convenient and easy, but it encourages an unconscious attitude toward all of life. The media advertises new fixes that promise to make everything feel okay. However, ‘everything’ stays the same. Many people skim through life from one new approach to the next. Then they wonder why they feel anxious, bored, and disconnected.

Reading those words brought tears as they so speak to my soul’s truth, yet I still find myself

doing the ‘disconnect-dance’ when life gets busy, claiming that I ‘don’t have time’ to savor the healthy delicious food I just prepared.

When I slow down and let things go a bit, I find myself taking the few minutes to carry my

delectables to the porch, enjoying the fresh air, the trees, small critters, sitting next to my

garden (which provided nourishment to my meal) and mindfully relish my vibrating food plus

the nature all around. I actually taste and appreciate the flavors instead of just ‘consuming,’ for

the sake of becoming full. Eating feels more spiritual and healthful….whereas ‘rushing’ takes

this possibility away completely.

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